When You Say “I Do”

When you say “I do”, you are promising for the things you know as well as the things you will find out down the road. I’m not talking about the things a person has deliberately hidden, although that could happen. I mean the things that no one thinks about when they are so in love and ready to run down the aisle. We say yes to in sickness and in health, but we don’t really think either of us will end up seriously sick. We say yes to for richer or for poorer, but we all know that money is one of the top reasons for divorce. We say yes to for better or for worse, but we have no idea what worse is until we are already in the thick of it.

Marriage isn’t something to enter into lightly. It is a full on commitment that requires a lot of compromise and adjustments. Looks fade, that new feeling wears off, and people grow and change over time. Forever is a really long time, and you should be absolutely sure that you want to commit FOREVER to a person, before you say “I do.”

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