Upswing vs Downswing

People all across the globe desire to find someone to be in a relationship with, but all to often, once they get what they’ve been searching for, they realize it isn’t what they envisioned it would be. I too am guilty of wanting someone, and after having him for a while, I feel ready to trade him in for a newer model. When I was dating, sometimes, I would do just that, but as a married woman, I can’t do that (even if I really want to lol).

I have learned that if you hang in there, you will notice a cycle that repeats over and over. Relationships go through upswings and downswings. During the upswings, couples may feel like everything is perfect. Arguments are distant, love-making is at an all time high, and everything seems to flow pleasantly. On the flip side, during downswings, almost everything about the other person may annoy you. You can hardly get through a day without arguing or turning your noses up at one another. You may feel unfulfilled and stuck in a rut.

I have seen many couples call it quits during their downswing, forgetting why they ever fell in love to begin with. Everyone enjoys the good times, but relationships are built stronger during the rough times. If you are in a downswing in your relationship, please hang in there and wait for that much needed relief of the upswing. It is always worth it, especially when you really love your partner.


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