aNDriea DEnise

This site hosts all things positive, from beginning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to living your best life. I am here to empower women and to help them be the best wives, business owners, and well-rounded women possible.

I started this blog with others in mind. I hope that my stories, advice, and encouragement will help someone avoid making the same mistakes that I made, and live the life he/she chooses, rather than simply accepting the things that happen as final. Don’t get me wrong…I love my life! I am living my dream, but I had to first go through some hard life lessons in order to get here. That is why I aim to pass down the knowledge that I gained from going through so many hardships to others so they might bypass the heartache and stress that I endured and get right to the good stuff. I am passionate about women and family issues. I believe in rising above our circumstances to create a better life for oneself.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading my blog. I would love to engage in conversation with you. Just leave a comment or send me an email to strike up a chat.

I also have a YouTube channel that hosts some inspirational videos that I’ve filmed. Feel free to hop over there and check them out! Don’t forget to subscribe!

I am also one half of the Soul/R&B husband and wife duo ISH. Maybe you’ve heard of our group? If not, you can learn more about us at www.ishmusicofficial.com. I may share some of my blog posts from that site here as well.

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