It is so easy for women to get caught up in basing our self-worth on the validation we receive from men. Regardless of when we were born, our entire lives were probably geared toward what kind of woman we needed to become to attract a certain man. Some girls, maybe born to a feminist mother, may have been taught to be strong and independent apart from a man. For the most part, though, women are taught to dress and act for men, and whenever they whistle or call after us, we feel good inside because we now understand that we have done well in our preparation.

I’m not on a high horse or anything. I must admit, sometimes it does feel nice for a man to pay me a respectful compliment, but this post is more geared toward those disrespectful guys and their “compliments” that girls accept and use as their validation. The video below explains this situation further. Enjoy!



Have you experienced being disrespected by a guy? How did you respond?

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