He’s The King But We Run The Castle

As women, we have a HUGE responsibility set before us when we take on the role of wife.

I am a woman of God, so I condone doing as the word tells us. We are to reverence our husbands and treat them well. He is the king, but we are the ones who run the castle. Think about what a king does. Have you ever known a king to clean his own castle? Decorate? Attend to children? Prepare meals? I haven’t. My husband doesn’t even know where things are or even how some things work in our household. But he is the king! I don’t say that sarcastically. I say it matter-of-factly, because my treatment of him is based on my love for God. If I serve my husband as unto the Lord, I will be blessed in return for my obedience.

The bible calls us to be virtuous women! “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10) A virtuous woman is a boss! Check out her qualities:

  • Her husband safely trusts in her
  • She treats her husband well
  • She creates and works diligently
  • She literally brings home the [bacon]
  • She’s up before everybody in the house working to make sure her family is taken care of
  • She buys land and builds on it
  • She is strong spiritually and physically
  • She knows that what she produces is good
  • She is a jack of all trades (business, cooking, sewing, gardening, etc)
  • She cares for the poor and needy
  • Her family is clothed in the best quality of garments
  • Her husband is known and respected
  • She is known for her strength and honor
  • She is wise and kind
  • She is never idle
  • Her children and her husband praises her

Tell me this chick isn’t paying the costs and being superwoman!

How can I be about women empowerment if I hold these beliefs? Simple. My strength and abilities as a woman are not predicated on how selfish I can be. I don’t have to treat men as if they are nothing special in order to feel like a strong and intelligent woman. It actually takes a great measure of strength to treat a man with respect and care regardless of what he does in return.

If wars were started because of us, and our support has a direct effect on our men’s success, girls really do run the world!