Give A Bit Get A Bit

Marriage, like all other relationships are give and take in nature. I admit, sometimes you may feel like you’re doing all the giving, but the other half of your relationship may also feel like he/she is giving a lot more than you. I’ve said this before, but marriage is meshing two sets of habits, upbringings, and preferences. This is never an easy process, because it’s like shedding pieces of yourself in order to live harmoniously with the other person.

We’ve all heard the saying it is better to give than to receive, but in a relationship, that is absolutely easier said than done. I, however, am all about looking on the bright side and figuring out what I can do to make things better. I don’t actually care about winning or losing, so I’ll be the first to give. After engaging in several unnecessary, long, drawn out fights, I started approaching things differently.

Now, I think to myself, how can I handle this so that I won’t have to start something with my husband? 9 times out of 10, I am able to get away with not ever saying a word about an issue. Besides, my husband hardly ever approaches me with a problem. I could at least make an effort to dial back my irritations.

You might not be so willing to stay silent when your mate does something that irks you, so I’ve come up with a few alternate options for you to try. Below are three very simple things you can do to give a little easier in your relationship.

  1. Find out what is important to the other person. Then, you will be able to identify what he/she is doing to make an effort. It is simple to recall all of the things we do to give in our relationship, but because we don’t share a mind with our mates, it is more difficult to recognize what he/she may be giving.
  2. Let go of the small things. It is wise to choose your battles carefully, and picking a fight over the wet towel on the bed might not be worth the energy.
  3. Give the benefit of the doubt. Remember you’re both on the same team. Allow your partner some room for mistakes. He/she probably wasn’t even thinking that would hurt or offend you. Otherwise, he/she would have made a different choice.

I hope these things will assist you in living a bit more peaceful in your relationship.


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