Suicidal Thoughts

More people have thought about suicide than you may know. Becoming a victim of suicide or avoiding suicide isn’t a matter of strength. Often, it is a matter of feeling low and having no one to turn to for help. Especially in the black community, there are too many people who believe that going to therapy or calling a hotline to talk out their issues or struggles is asinine. People’s judgement and religion can sometimes be crippling to a person who is faced with heavy circumstances. I know, most people will suggest church or prayer, but honestly those things mean nothing to a person who doesn’t already have a relationship with God. Otherwise, he/she would already have a method for coping and pulling through situations.

Specifically, people who are in failing marriages or those who are dealing with a secret will sometimes consider suicide over seeking help, for fear of being embarrassed or shamed in front of others. Be encouraging to the people around you. Compliment them. Tell them that they are doing a great job. You may be helping save a life. If you are the person who is feeling low, be encouraged. Better days will come. Look for the positive and you will find it a lot easier. We all face stressful times at some point in our lives, but they don’t last.


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