Pain Is The Best Teacher

We could learn from others’ mistakes, but most of the time, we don’t. Rather, we believe that our experience will be different, and we head down the same road, often to our disappointment. We could learn from being told or even reading what is best for us to do, but most likely, we only take that information into consideration and continue on our path to the inevitable.

Pain stops us in our tracks. Pain deters us. Pain causes us to step back and seriously consider other options that we could explore. When we touch something hot or prickly, we learn either to not touch those things or to approach them in a different way. When we experience heartache, we enter into new situations knowing what signs to look for and what questions to ask. When we experience disappointments, we learn how to be stronger and we gain information to help us make decisions in the future. When we experience setbacks, we learn determination to find ways to press forward.

Don’t despise pain. It exists for a reason. It helps us to learn.

What has pain taught you?


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