Every now and then, I stop looking ahead and pressing forward, and I take inventory of my life. It is then that I recognize my blessings and begin to relax. I notice that even with all the heartache and heartbreak I’ve experienced, I somehow managed to meet and marry the love of my life. I notice that I have accomplished my goal of living in a different state from where I grew up. I notice that I have built a home that I absolutely love. I notice that I learned to cook something that tastes good. I notice that I have a loving and supportive family in my corner. I notice that I am actually living my dream of creating, traveling, and sharing my gifts with other people. I notice that in living my dream, I have accomplished things that it typically takes years to do. I notice that God has added skills and talents to me. I notice that I actually laugh every day. I notice that I am healthy. I notice that I have helped people. When I realize that I possess the things in life that really matter, I feel content and at ease…slowly the stresses of the world creep in and once again I get on my hustle to achieve more. Humans. *shrugs*


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