Your Child Knows…

Many people walk the earth confused as to what their purpose is in life. I’ve talked with several people who have said that they either forgot what their dream was because it was so long that they have given up on it, or that they are trying to figure it out. I’m here to help with that. Your child knows what your purpose is.

I’m not talking about the child that you created and gave birth to. I am talking about the child within yourself. When you were a kid, you knew exactly what you wanted in life. You weren’t afraid to dream and to speak boldly about it. You were direct about what you enjoyed and what you desired for yourself. It wasn’t until you started to get older and experience negative things that caused you to believe that your dream was no longer possible.

I challenge you to reach back to that child that you were before, and remember exactly who you were and what you wanted. There, you will find your purpose in life. I believe the children have it right. When you see a child who is extremely talented in singing, dancing, or drawing, people typically praise them for being so young and having those talents. Those children, though, are actually the few who had someone around them that allowed them to remain in their purpose. If our guardians would all encourage us and push us in the direction we show interest and promise in, we could reach our potential quicker and waste less time getting to our purpose.

What is it that your child wanted you to do with your life? 


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