You Choose Your Life’s Path

There are several ways in which we could live our lives:

  1. Holding onto our past and the hurt we’ve experienced,
  2. Blaming others for our misfortunes,
  3. Feeling sorry for ourselves,
  4. Staying in a state of complacency,
  5. Complaining about everything that doesn’t go our way,
  6. Forgive ourselves and others for mistakes made in the past,
  7. Set goals and work to attain them,
  8. Help others to avoid the mistakes we made,
  9. Rise above our weaknesses and keep trying until we get it right,
  10. Beat all odds and become the people we’ve always dreamt of being.

Do you see the ways you would like to live your life? All too often, we get caught up in the very false belief that people genuinely care whether or not we rise to our potential and reach our goals. For the most part, people would rather you not become anything great, because that would make them feel bad about not doing more for themselves.

On some level, we all want more. Even the bible says that we are insatiable people. We always want more, and are hardly ever satisfied with what we have. Because of that, there is always something to strive for, and if we want it badly enough, we will work for whatever it is. If you want more, set your goals, do your research, find a mentor, and get to work. No one can live your life for you, and no one can push you unless you’re already in motion.

What goal do you need to reach in order to live your best life?


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