Dear Andriea: 1

Dear Andriea,

I am so proud of you for making positive changes in your life. You have been exercising, even though it is not your favorite thing. You have been keeping up with tracking your calories. You have been slimming down more. You have been getting out into the world around you and interacting with other people. Kudos! I know that it’s hard for an introvert to be outgoing, but you are doing a great job. I noticed that you have also been making plans for your future. Awesome! I am here for you and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Don’t forget to have some fun. Enjoy your journey and don’t be so fixated on the destination. Stay close to God, and be sure to make time for Him the way that you make time for the other things you want to do. He is the reason that you are able to accomplish those things, ya know? Anyway, I love you. Keep going!




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