Use Your Power

Did you know that you have power and that you could use it to transform your life as well as the lives of others in the world around you? I didn’t know either, until I delved deep into God’s word and happened upon it one day. The power that I’m speaking of is prayer. Prayer doesn’t work alone though. You have to fuel it with a few other things.

When you pray, if you believe that what you are asking for is already done, you will receive it. You don’t have to take my word for it, the bible tells us this plainly in Mark 11:24. There are a couple of other interesting little details surrounding this prayer as well. In verse 22, Jesus says “have faith”. Yep, there it is…the fuel. Have faith is the first thing that he says in the list of things to do in order to receive what you’re praying for. Once you have faith, then you can move on to the next step, which is prayer. Traditionally, people pray on their knees, but God can hear us regardless of where we are and regardless of whether we are kneeling, sitting, or standing. If we are praying without ceasing, as Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to do, we would find ourselves in all kinds of places and positions when we’re praying. But that is another topic for another post.

Now that we have established that the two things we need first are faith and prayer, let’s discuss the third thing necessary. Belief. You would think that if someone had faith and said a prayer requesting something of God that they wouldn’t even bother, if they didn’t believe already. In reading this scripture, I questioned whether faith and belief were synonymous. They aren’t. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” So, faith is associated with hope. Hope is a feeling of expectation. Don’t worry. I am going somewhere with this. Our feelings during our prayers are more important than you may think. The bible says, in James 5:16, that “the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.” The word fervent means to have or display passionate intensity. So faith is the hope and emotion that fuels that prayer. Belief is confidence and acceptance that something is true.

So to pull it all together, we must first have a passionate intensity for what we desire. Secondly, we must make that desire known to God through prayer. Thirdly, we have to be confident and accept that what we just requested is already made true by our Lord and savior.  Now, there are just a couple more steps to be completed. Jesus says in Mark 11:25 to forgive so that God can forgive us. This is a very important one.  When we are covered in sin, God can’t associate himself with us, but if we confess our sins, he can forgive us, wipe our sins away, and then he can see and hear us clearly when we go before him in prayer. One of those sins is not forgiving others of their trespasses against us. If we withhold our forgiveness from someone else, God has to withhold his forgiveness from us, which means that he can’t hear or grant our requests of him (Mark 11:26). The golden rule that many live by is to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12). The word also says, in Luke 6:37, “[…] forgive, and ye shall be forgiven”. In Matthew 7:2, the bible says that whatever measure we dish it out, it will be dished to us in the same way.  So forgiveness is important for us to practice. It is for our own good.

The next and last step is the easiest of them all. Receive. I don’t think this needs any explanation. Here is our final recap:

  1. Have faith.
  2. Pray.
  3. Believe.
  4. Forgive.
  5. Receive.

This 5-step process should be your bread-and-butter. Apply it to your life and start living a faith-filled existence. I would be thrilled to know what things you pray for and receive as a result! My list of answered prayers are constantly growing, and I will continue to make requests of the Lord. It is a way of life. Use your power!


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