Stop Calling Yourself A Starving Artist

We’ve heard this term time and again, and by now it probably means nothing except a person with a dream who hasn’t starting making much money yet. I’m here to tell you that not only is this true for anyone who says it, but it will also hinder progress of getting anywhere meaningful. 

That’s right. What you say is what you will live. Our thoughts and words manifest real things and situations. When we say that we’re starving artists, we’re gonna fail, etc. we are calling those things into our lives. It is important that we choose our words carefully, so that we are mindful of speaking positive things into our existence. 

Be sure to speak about things that you are looking forward to rather than the things you want to avoid. Uplift yourself and others with your words and thoughts. You can’t go wrong, that way. 

Be blessed and stay encouraged. 


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